3 Killer Mistakes You Should Avoid When Creating Free Online Store

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It is acceptable to make mistakes as a first timer. However, repeating a mistake of your predecessor when creating a free online store is a sign of ignorance. A wise entrepreneur learns from other people’s mistakes and uses the lessons to avoid them on their store creation journey. Avoiding them will enable you to build a great store which will result in success.

This article presents some common mistakes that you should avoid as a new entrepreneur. Ignoring them can be the source of your business downfall. Here they are:

Ignoring about us page

About us page plays a crucial role on your online store. Many entrepreneurs ignore this page.  Hence, they forget customers are interested to know more about your business. In particular, customers have the interest to know which products you offer and how they will benefit them. As an entrepreneur, you need to design a well detailed about as page. The page should contain a well-written story about your business, its products as well as your mission and vision.

Not paying attention to the product page

Your product page is the pillar of conversion rates in your online store. To make sales, you must have product pages that offer detailed information that will accelerate purchase decisions.

 Customers want information on the features of your products and how they are offering a solution to their problems. However, many entrepreneurs fail to recognize this aspect. Instead of developing original product copies, they copy paste what the item manufacturers present. In the end, their product description becomes insufficient to convince the customers to make a purchase. To avoid this, you should always spend time in creating well elaborated and detailed product pages.

Not providing reliable customer support

If you want to boost your customers’ experience, you need reliable customer support. Many customers leave your page without buying because they lack someone to provide feedback about a product.  For this reason, you should ensure your customers get timely and reliable support services. Tools like chatbots can enable you to achieve this goal. Essentially, ensure your customers have access to 24/7support service. This way, your customer will be sure that they will get help anytime they need.

Final thought

In a word, avoiding these mistakes when creating a free online store can turn it into a good mine.  As such, it is essential to pay attention to your product and about us pages. Also, ensure you offering reliable customer support services.


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