4 Least Known Resources You Can Use To Create Best Free Online Store

Create Best Free Online Store

A beautiful design of online stores leads to success in your business. Every customer is looking for a professional online store to purchase products. Thus, if you want to assure them of the products you are offering are of high quality, create a great online store.

If you would like to create an online store and don’t have an idea on how to start, Worry no more. Some resources will help you build a great store for your business. These resources are free. Hence, you will not spend any coin to design your store. Also, they are user-friendly. Thus, you don’t have to hire a designer to create the store for you. You can do it by yourself as these resources will provide different and unique elements for you to choose from. Here are four least-known resources that will help you create a free online store:


Are you looking for a free resource with plenty of images? If yes, Canva should be your consideration. This resource offers thousands of beautiful images for you to choose. Also, it provides you with different elements like text banners as well as buttons that give your store a visual marketing content.

The greatest thing about Canva is its drag and drop editor. It enables you to drag the elements you want to the desired place.

Pic Monkey

If it is your first time to create an online free store, Pic Monkey is an excellent resource for you. It is simple and self-explanatory to allow you to design your store professionally. One of the greatest strength about this resource is the ability to edit photos with effects and filters. Also, it has new text erase features which will enable you to create a text.


 You may at times want to increase or decrease the size of your image.  Tiny PNG is a great resource to compress your image without losing its quality. This resource is widely known for its supported formats that can store transparent images. As you know, large file affects the loading speed of your online store. Thus, this resource is essential in ensuring you upload high-quality images of your products without hurting the store site loading speed.

Font squirrel

The font is a crucial aspect in enhancing your online store appearance. Also, different browsers have different fonts. Font Squirrel is an essential resource that enables you to customize your content font. Hence, it makes it easier for your customers to view regardless of the browser they are using.


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